Monday, July 11, 2011

Zinc Letters DIY

I have been obsessing over the Anthropologie zinc letters which range from $18-98/letter for some time now. The problem being the price, I am not willing to pay that much for the alphabet. The reason why I would seek out such a random object is that I'm trying to complete a photo and mirror mural for my living room wall along with any funky vintage art I can find. I love the Industrial look and these little letters add just the right touch. As I scrounged thrift stores and garage sales with no such luck of finding a cheaper clone, I figured I could probably recreate my own.

The Inspiration

I went to my local craft store and grabbed the supplies.

Wood letter: $2
Folk art black acrylic paint: on sale for $.99
Folk Art silver metallic acrylic paint: on sale for $.99
Total spent: $4 
I already had the paint brush and paper towel I used

I bought this letter because it was the largest and already primed white.

The paint used.

I painted two coats of the black paint on the letter as a base and let dry.

Then I dipped a dry paint brush in a little of the metallic paint and did quick up-and-down motions on the letter. I used the paper towel to rub off the silver paint in random spots.

Finished product

Voila! Easy and cheap DIY

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Salvaged Table

I came across this cute reclaimed wood sawhorse table today on Apartment Therapy. It seems easy enough to make, and I'm pretty sure I have enough scrap wood and the sawhorse in the garage to create this little ensemble. I'm in desperate need of a new outdoor table for my patio and maybe this project will break my streak of uninspired creative block.

The table I'm thinking of making will be much bigger, in order to seat more people. So I will most likely use two sawhorses and double the wood. The top of the table was sealed with polyurethane in order to protect from deterioration. It's fun and quirky and will probably cost less then nothing to make, what a thrifty bonus.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vintage Photo Shoot

Last week a few friends and I got together with the amazing and talented, Meghan Nicole, for a little photo shoot. Who doesn't like to get dressed up and have their picture taken? Period piece was the theme from the roaring 20s to the retro 60s and each of us were dressed by our friend Brittany who has such great vintage style. With all of the fun thrifty props, the girls and I set out for an adventure.

Meghan and her impeccable rocker fashion. Carrying her beloved guitar and vintage suitcase.
I'm wearing a dress that was handed down to Brittany from her grandma. Granny has style!
Love this hat!

Kayla is also wearing a Brittany granny gem with a matching beehive hairdo. 
That hair kills me! Not only is Brittany a fashionista but also a hair extraordinaire, she created this look using a beenie underneath Kay's amazing hair. 

Hot houswife

Picnic anyone?

Love the light in this one.

The lens was switched onto our photographer.

Isn't she a classic beauty?

I think this should be her new album cover!

Well that was a little introduction for a fun summer to come. A random Thursday night turned into a vintage dream. I love these girls and all of our quirky ideas.